The time to expand the literary and political imagination of the United States is upon us. Join many of the country’s leading storytellers, poets, and creative nonfiction writers in a

National Write-Out


Wednesday, January 18 through Saturday, February 18, 2017.

Writers and non-writers alike recognize the election of Donald Trump as an unprecedented threat, one that demands we deploy our craft and words in the service of justice. Recognizing that we cannot and will not defeat the forces behind Trump without stopping to think, without first imagining what truly matters, we call on writers-poets, playwrights, essayists, short storyistas of the world to unite by joining all those already committed to the National Write-Out.

Who: You. Everyone who writes, draws, thinks, dares, creates…
What: Write or share a poem, a piece of flash fiction, short story, essay, inspired long tweet, handwritten ars poetica or other literary creation responding to this prompt:

What’s worth fighting for is worth writing for.

How: Publish your work (suggestions below).
Then use the Hashtag #FightandWrite when you post the link to the text -and the movement on social media.
When: Now. Let your words stand against the flood of fake news messages of hopelessness and hate, and the normalization of
extremist thought in the early days of this new administration.
Using the hashtag #FightandWrite, we want to invite and incite writers to create literary works that rise boldly to the challenge of the day.
We also encourage nonprofit organizations, literary magazines, zines, blogs, and other publications and organizations across the country to embrace the call and promote the work produced under the #FightandWrite hashtag. Several national organizations will be sending out the call to their members. Please join them. We know that the very ideas, stories and values that stand boldly against infringement on our rights and freedom will also inspire and ultimately save us. And there’s even room to wax prophetic.

Join these writers participating in the National Write-Out:

  • Barbara Ehrenreich – nonfiction writer, journalist
  • Hector Tobar- novelist, nonfiction writer, journalist
  • Susan Straight – novelist, nonfiction writer, essayist
  • Marilyn Nelson – poet
  • Alicia Ostriker- poet
  • Po Bronson – author, journalist
  • Luis Rodriguez – poet, memoirist
  • Henry Giroux theorist, essayist
  • Alberto Rios – poet, memoirist, short story writer
  • Caroline Paul – novelist, nonfiction writer
  • Ben Ehrenreich – nonfiction storyteller, novelist, journalist
  • And many others

How to Share Your Words and Join the Movement:

  1. Snapchat, Instagram love: write a handwritten love poem to what’s worth fighting for, take a picture of it and then share it using the #FightandWrite hashtag
  2. Do you use FaceBook? Do you have an old short story you think speaks to the current moment? Can you turn a literary event you’re organizing or participating in into a Facebook live event? Create a link to it and then share it using our #FightandWrite hashtag with your friends and with the larger “public”(the little world near the bottom of your post).
  3. Do you keep a blog? Write an essay and then share it on your favorite social media platforms with our #FightandWrite hashtag, let it light up your WordPress, Tumblr or other blog.
  4. Twitter much? Our hashtag is there for your creative tweets. Create a 130 character #FightandWrite haiku and then share it using the #FightandWrite hashtag
  5. Prefer a more literary venue? Add our hashtag to your published work, or host your work on open publication sites, such as
  6. SMS users of the world unite! Write a poem and share it with all your contacts using the #FightandWrite hashtag
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